Pilates Bodies’ Duo Session Testimonial – Meet Charlene & Libby! Click here!

Meet Charlene Morrison:

“I’ve been taking mat Pilates classes with Liesl and duo private Pilates sessions with Julia since the studio opened, thanks to a friend trying to get me to be more active.  I’ve been very surprised by the impact Pilates has had on my daily life.  My posture is better, my core is stronger, and I don’t get sore like I used to doing strenuous things on weekends.  My husband and I put in a large flower garden a few years back and we worked 8-10 hours each weekend day.  I was hauling heavy rocks and shoveling soil and, to my surprise, did not get sore.  My legs and arms felt heavy, but I was able to perform day in and day out on this project pain-free.  That impact alone has made me a Pilates participant for life.  The sessions are always fun and as challenging as I want to make them.  I’d recommend anyone interested in avoiding days where you are too sore for comfort to take regular Pilates sessions.”

Meet Libby McDonough:

“I am just starting my fourth year of being one of the “bodies” at Pilates Bodies – WOW!  Being a regular has provided me with a stronger core, a greater awareness of my posture and imbalances (allowing me to self-correct and move with better functionality) and a certain sense of grounding.  The improvements gained with practicing Pilates can seem a little subtle, but then they will sneak up on you with random “aha” moments!  Sometimes, however, the effects are most noticeable when you take a break and start to feel cattywampus, and that is what keeps me coming back for more.

Pilates Bodies has a variety of offerings with instructors that are welcoming, encouraging, and effective.  My friend and I take semi-private Pilates sessions with Julia.  Although we perform the exercises simultaneously, Julia is adept at adjusting them and us to fit our individual needs.  Between the three of us, we make it fun and just as challenging as it needs to be for any given day.  I have also taken some great mat Pilates classes – thanks, Liesl – and look forward to participating in the next Cyclelates series (cycling and Pilates).  How can you top that?”

Pilates Testimonial – Meet Leslie Gartman! Click here!

I’m in my glorious fifties, and very active with biking, hiking, standup paddle boarding, weight lifting, cross country and downhill skiing, and swimming. I was a fan of Pilates for many years in San Diego, and would use it in conjunction with physical therapy every time I got injured. The combination, along with time to heal, would always get me back on the road after a few weeks. Pilates in San Diego was too expensive for me to use as a preventative measure, so I used it only to manage my injuries and minimize my downtime.

When I moved to Juneau at the end of 2014, I was in awe of the athletic seniors I met on the Parks and Rec hikes, and I knew I’d found the right place to live a healthy, active life for the rest of my life. But by September 2015, my body started rebelling, complaining about the inordinate demands I was placing on it. A friend referred me to Julia and so I wrote her…

“I keep getting injured hiking. I wear orthotics and have great boots, but I keep getting injured. Yesterday was my groin, a few days ago my ankle. When it happens, it’s excruciating, but I’m fine the next day. I think my body is sending warning shots across the bow, and I know I need to pay attention before it’s serious. I know from experience that Pilates will get me back to where I need to be. When can I get in for one-on-one on the reformer?”

Soon after that, I had a session with Julia and one with Liesl and immediately felt better. I was shocked at how much cheaper the sessions were, so I bought a package of 20 (and more since) and have worked out on the reformer with one of them almost every week since then. I think this is the longest period in my entire life that I have ever gone without a strained muscle or joint, and I attribute it completely to Pilates with Julia and Liesl.

As a bonus, I was attempting some endurance standup paddling over the summer and Julia identified the cause of my foot strain, something that several paddling teachers hadn’t been able to identify. She knows body mechanics better than anyone I’ve ever met, aside from my physical therapist. If I could take her on vacation with me, I would.

Pilates Testimonial – Meet Heidi Cadiente! Click here!

“I’ve been active all my life; competitive sports during school, my work, and recreational fun stuff. After several medical calamities and accidents, mostly related to my shoulder, I gave up on almost everything, even the gym, because I kept getting injuries that took forever to heal.  I got myself in a funk.

I walked by the studio daily and considered Pilates.  I thought if Pilates did nothing else except get me moving again, it would be worth it.  So I found a friend to go with me and the results were incredible.  I presumed I’d get a stronger core (I’m impressed), but I didn’t imagine I’d get an increased range of movement in my shoulder!  I’ve benefitted more from my sessions with Julia and Liesl than all the conventional physical therapy and other rehab I went to.  My posture has improved, I stand more symmetrical, my shoulders are stronger, and I’m working out again.

Initially, I thought I’d attend a few classes to get me on my feet again and move on.  It’s been almost two years, and I can’t see myself ever giving it up.  Pilates just makes me feel so good.”