Pilates Testimonial – Meet Heidi Cadiente! Click here!

“I’ve been active all my life; competitive sports during school, my work, and recreational fun stuff. After several medical calamities and accidents, mostly related to my shoulder, I gave up on almost everything, even the gym, because I kept getting injuries that took forever to heal.  I got myself in a funk.

I walked by the studio daily and considered Pilates.  I thought if Pilates did nothing else except get me moving again, it would be worth it.  So I found a friend to go with me and the results were incredible.  I presumed I’d get a stronger core (I’m impressed), but I didn’t imagine I’d get an increased range of movement in my shoulder!  I’ve benefitted more from my sessions with Julia and Liesl than all the conventional physical therapy and other rehab I went to.  My posture has improved, I stand more symmetrical, my shoulders are stronger, and I’m working out again.

Initially, I thought I’d attend a few classes to get me on my feet again and move on.  It’s been almost two years, and I can’t see myself ever giving it up.  Pilates just makes me feel so good.”